8 Reasons Your Cat Will Love a Drinking Fountain


PRA - BCWF Blog Why Love a Cat Water FountainHealthy cat starts with healthy water. Cat water fountains (or drinking dispensers) are very helpful to increase the enjoyment and excitement of most cats in drinking water. Cats seem to be drawn to the sound of splashing water and enjoy the freshness of circulating water. Would you personally rather drink from a moving stream or a stagnant puddle? I would pick the stream, most likely so would your cat! Here are eight reasons your cat (and you) will love a cat drinking fountain:

  1. Improve your cat’s quality of life. My cats really enjoy the fountain, they enjoy splashing a little and having drinks of moving water.
  2. Might increase your cat’s water intake. Some people report their cat drinks more water this way. One of my cats certainly does drink more as a result of a fountain, my other cat has not increased nor decreased her water intake, but prefers drinking from it anyways.
  3. Helps reduce some bad behaviour regarding water. Does your cat put his paws into your glass of drinking water when you are not looking or knock over water dishes? We had this problem before the fountain. Not any more after we bought one!
  4. Leaving your cats alone overnight? Providing a water fountain gives them fresh, filtered water to drink instead of a bowl of water that has sat stagnant overnight.
  5. Comforting Sound. If you like the sound of consistently moving water these fountains can be very soothing to human ears as well.
  6. Affordable. This may be a device that improves the quality of life while having some potential health benefits. If a fountain can reduce how many visits you have to the vet, that is more money in your pocket for a fairly minimal investment to begin with.
  7. Modern Looks. Some of the fountains available these days look very cool, particularly those like the Pagoda and Avalon. Look for clever ways to include it in your decor.
  8. Multiple cat household? There are some cat fountains that we have reviewed that are perfect for many cat to drink from at the same time. My favorite is the Drinkwell 360. This gives your cats more options of where to enjoy a drink.

Check out these fountains! You can read the full review of each cat water dispenser, or check out customer reviews and the current price on Amazon for each one!


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