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My cat, Jasper, loves water (as the video above shows)! He loves putting his feet into his big water bowl, splashing the surface of the tube when we have a bath, and watching rain hit the windows outside. But most of all, like many cats out there –


We noticed that Jasper liked drinking moving water a lot when he started drinking water from the faucet while we brushed our teeth. He started putting his whole head under the faucet and letting it cascade over his face and nose, lapping up the streams of water as they rushed by (link).  You could leave the faucet running for 15 minutes straight and Jasper would stay there the whole time, washing this head and shaking it off vigorously all over our bathroom mirror, over and over. The only problem was that we felt bad about the wasted water that was going down the drain when he would pause to watch the stream. With so many places in the world without water, we felt bad wasting (even if it was very entertaining). This was what led us to buy our first cat water fountain.

When we brought it home and set it up in our bathroom, Jasper was excited about it from the time he heard running water. He was a bit hesitant at first because as you move your head close to it, you can hear the sound of the pump. But after a few sips of the cascading water from the fountain, and a splash with his paw through the bowl, Jasper fell in love with his new fountain.


Our other cat, Belle, has always been curious to watch Jasper play with water, but always kept her distance. She would occasionally put her paws in a wet sink or sniff the tap, but has always preferred drinking straight from her regular water bowl. Interestingly, we noticed that after we bought the cat water fountain, she also enjoyed drinking from it, even with her regular bowl readily available. She didn’t enjoy the cascading water that fell from the top, but the moving water in the lower bowl is her favourite. This was surprising to us, considering she has never been a fan of moving water before.

This gave us confidence that we had made a good choice in buying a cat fountain. Both of our cats likes and uses the water fountain, even if they enjoy it in different ways.


After a few of our friends started asking questions about the fountain, we thought it would be valuable to share some of the knowledge and experience we had gained about pet fountains while we were deciding which one to buy.

There are so many options out there: size, material, color, water circulation method, etc. So we wanted to set up a resource that allowed you to easily compare the best cat water fountains on one site.

Which one suits your cat’s needs best?