Quick Guide to Pet Fountain Filters

PRA - BCWF Blog Pet Fountain FiltersWhy do I need filters for a fountain?

The strong majority of cat fountains include a filtration system with replaceable filters to help keep the circulating water clean, odour-free and free of debris. Water left unchanged and uncirculated can easily start growing bacteria and become dirty from settling dust and debris. Even when it is moving, fountains have nooks and crannies that can collect things that your cat shouldn’t be drinking, but the filter helps to cut that down. Another big factor why to use filters is because as fur and other debris run through your fountain, it can easily start getting trapped in your pump. Replacing a pump is mush more expensive than replacing and cleaning a filter occasionally.


How often should I change my Filter?

Each manufacturer gives a recommended replacement time on their packaging, but for the most part, 2-4 weeks is an average lifetime for a filter. Some users will attempt to thoroughly rinse or clean their filters to extend the lifetime of a filter, but use caution if you attempt this not to do anything that will put your cat’s health in jeopardy.


Are filters easy to replace?

Each fountain is different, and has a different way of replacing a filter. What all of them have in common is how easy it is to replace a filter – manufacturers have worked hard to make it super easy to replace a filter.


Can I buy replacement filters made by a different company other than who manufactured my fountain?

Yes, but it may not be highly recommended. There are companies who offer replacement filters for another company’s fountain, but reports have been posted on Amazon about them not always fitting perfectly, or receiving poor customer service response from those alternative providers. It is safest to stay with the official manufacturer, buy at your own risk.


Where can I buy replacement filters?

Depending on the brand you need, Amazon has them readily available to be shipped to you in no time! Here are a few popular ones:

Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters Raindrop

PetSafe Drinkwell Original/Platinum Filter

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Filters

PetSafe Drinwell Avalon or Pagoda Filter

Cate Mate Filter

Catit Senses Filter+Softener

Aspen Fresh Flow



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