Water Fountain for Cats

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Drinking quality water is important for the health of the your cat. More feline owners are starting to use water fountains for cats so they can have clean, circulating water. These systems usually feature a quiet pump that circulates water through a filter before it slides or circulates into a catch area, to be pumped again.

There are many elements to compare when deciding which water fountain for your cats might be best:

• how well is the drinking fountain built (ceramic, stainless steel or plastic)?
• filter and pump (quality and availability)?
• how easily is it to clean and reassemble?
• when do you need to change/add water?
• is the fountain going to be a style your cat will like (how quiet it is? how splashy is it)?

To make your comparisons a little easier, we have created full reviews for the top water fountains for cats. You can either start your research by using our quick comparison tool by clicking here or by picking a model from the slider below and see where it takes you!