What To Do If Your Cat Doesn’t Like The Fountain at first?

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“My cats don’t like their fountain! What Do I Do?”

It may happen for some cats that it takes them a few days to warm up to this new object –  allow your cat to investigate the new fountain at their own pace. Additionally, you might want to try moving the fountain to a different location. We have ours in the washroom (away from their food and regular water bowl), but you might try the laundry room, the basement or somewhere else clean and bright that your cat enjoys being.


TIP: Try spraying a very small amount of liquid cat nip round the brim of the fountain to let them know it is for them.


Regardless, you should leave the cat’s original water source in the same location during this time. This fountain should be given as an additional option so that your cat is not stressed out about having to find water.


A funny thing happened the first time we went to clean our new water fountain. We have two cats, and our female cat (Belle) initially showed almost no interest in the fountain after we set it up, she drank from it very rarely. A week after we set it up,we started unplugging and pulling our fountain apart to clean it, and were surprised to see Belle jumped up to the spot we keep our fountain and started meowing – she was most upset that it wasn’t there anymore! She sat in the same spot for 15 minutes, a place she had never really spent any time before. Later in the day, after it was cleaned and returned to it’s original spot, guess who was the first to jump up to use it? It took a bit of time, but eventually even Belle started using it every day, more than the original water bowl they had. Don’t be surprised if it takes a few days for it to become comfortable for some cats to drink from a new water source.
If it doesn’t get any love after a few weeks/months, your cat just might not like it! Perhaps consider donating it to an animal shelter or to another friend with a cat.

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